Lottie Love / by Joellyn Hoekstra

Charlotte Love Hoekstra joined our crew on 2/16 at 8:58pm. I'm holding her now as I write this and feeling so humbled and honored to have her in my arms. Thank you Jesus! She is truly a gift from the Secret Place. Her birth was one of the most empowering and transforming experiences I've had. I can feel the overwhelming joy of it all (I'm still on a birth high), especially as I scroll through these photos. Aaron was a tremendous support and together we had the privilege of welcoming Lottie Love into our hands and our family. Our sweet 7 Ib 19.5 inch littlest has finally come and we are forever grateful. 

My wonderful and talented co-worker, Natalie Miller, was working the night of our girl's birth. She had her camera at work with her (she might have been anticipating a special delivery), and captured some of the most beautiful moments for us. Just as I remember it. These are only a few of my favorites. I look forward to writing more about this incredible day, but for now please join us in celebrating and thanking God for our precious new Love. 

"I've seen the most amazing sights in my travels on the earth...but next to you all of the beauty seems so plain you would think I'd never seen a beautiful thing." Beautiful Child by Sara Groves